How to Take Apart and Pack Your Bed Frame for Moving

Moving is already a big hassle, but getting where you are going with missing pieces and parts, is not a happy moment in your move. Bulky items are the worst for packing too. There is a way to disassemble your bed frame and pack it to where when you are ready to set it up again, it will be easy. You can take the hassle out of this part of your move, by taking a few precautionary steps. This will make your move, a lot less stressful.

Step One: Take a Picture

Take a picture to remember. This sounds simple, but it works! Remove the mattress and box springs. Then stand back and take a landscape picture of your bed frame still assembled. You will use this photo when you reassemble your bed frame to remind yourself and your movers how it goes together.

Step Two: Begin Disassembling

As you take the frame apart, take a photo of each step close up. You can reverse the order of the pictures when you go to set your bed back up.

Step Three: Collect Loose Parts

This company moving Seattle, WA recommends gathering all of your loose little parts that normally get lost together. This includes any screws, nuts, and brackets. Place them in a strong baggie. Don’t use a cheap baggie, because they will tear with the metal in them. Mark the baggie with a permanent marker, “bed frame parts,” just in case the baggie gets separated from the bed frame for some strange reason.

Step Four: Gather All Pieces

If your frame has pieces that fold in to make flat, do so now. Gather all the long loose pieces together. Tape the baggie to one of them. Next, you want to tape all the pieces together in a bunch in at least three sections. Duct tape and packaging tape is strong but will leave a residue. Masking tape is too weak. Use painters tape. It typically does not leave a residue when removed.

Step Five: Provide Protection

Next up is to wrap it all up in something, to prevent from scratching other things, and being scratched. By doing this, it is easier to carry too. You could use a blanket, but it would be loose and bulky. Bubble wrap is perfect moving protection for this application. Wrap several times around, and tape it together.

Step Six: Set Up

Now all you have to do is everything in reverse. It is all labeled and photographed ready to help you remember.

Too many times, we rush around packing and tossing things about during a move. When we arrive at the new location, we pay for being unprepared. A little prep work and packing in the right order will make the transition so much more comfortable. Take time to do each of these six steps, and you can be sleeping on your bed the first night in your new home, instead of the floor!

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