Five Strategies for Moving Your Small Apartment Out-of-State

If you’re planning a move out-of-state, there are different ways to deal with the contents of your small apartment. Since you have so many decisions to consider, it only makes sense to weigh the pros and cons of each option, so you’re able to make an informed decision. Doing so allows you to decide what to do with your belongings as well as how active a role you take in transporting your household goods to another location.

Here are five strategies for moving your small apartment out-of-state:

1. Sell everything

If you’re planning on starting over in a new place, the time is right to let things go. By selling what you already own, you make room for inviting new things into your life. You’re able to choose items that fit your current apartment better. You’re not forced to think about old memories because you’ve got new furnishings, wall art, rugs, and decorations to come home to.

2. Rent a moving truck that you drive yourself

This option is good for people who don’t mind doing things themselves. It’s an economical option that allows you greater freedom to take time moving things from the truck to your new apartment. A moving truck rental typically costs a specific price plus mileage, so it’s the better option only if you’re moving shorter distances versus longer distances.

3. Put everything into a moving container that is shipped to your new residence

You pay one price to have the contents shipped from your old apartment to your new home out-of-state. Doing so affords you the luxury of not needing to travel with the items as it may be more convenient for you to fly. You’re not responsible for driving a rental moving truck or overseeing a moving company who has been tasked with transporting your items safely to your new place.

4. Use a moving company

There are distinct advantages to hiring someone else to do the moving for you. You’re not forced to drive the contents of your household to a new city. You’re not even required to place the items from the truck into the home because the movers will do it for you. Residential moving services come at a greater cost, and there can be liabilities involved because someone else is in charge of handling your valuables.

5. Rent or purchase a cheap trailer that you haul behind your vehicle

Rather than place everything into a moving truck, you opt to rent or buy a small trailer that you pull behind your vehicle. It may be a lot easier to handle the move that way. You won’t need someone to follow behind the moving truck you rented with your vehicle. You’re able to arrive at your destination with your belongings, the trailer, and your vehicle all at once.

There are many ways to approach moving. Knowing which option is right for you is a matter of time, budget, and preference. If you’re looking to start from fresh, perhaps selling everything and using the money that you’ve raised to buy new belongings is ideal.

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